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Felicitas, you do not know who you really are!

Have you often had the feeling in your life that you are not the biological daughter of your parents? Have you often had differences of opinion and disagreements with your mother and your father? Do they come across to you as strangers?

Are there physical characteristics indicating that you do not belong to this family, such as size, stature, hair colour? Have you ever asked your parents about your blood type?


What happened in September 1978?

I, Carla Arnim, former head of the auction house Mannheim-Arnim was admitted to the Benjamin Franklin Clinic in Berlin-Steglitz on 2 September 1978 with an acute viral disease. My daughter, Felicitas, just six months old, was quarantined in the nursery at that time so that I would not infect her.

A week later, on 9 September 1978, I held Felicitas in my arms for the very first time. I recognised immediately with the first glance that this was NOT my daughter.

One or more persons decided at that time to switch her own child for another. Why they made this momentous decision was quickly apparent. The child they left behind was terminally ill. She suffered from a rare genetic mutation, Hutchinson-Gilford syndrome. Therefore, they stole and kidnapped my daughter Felicitas. I think the mother of this child was extremely overwhelmed and longed for a healthy child. I urge this mother to get in touch with me. Does she not want to know how her child has been doing in the meantime?

Unfortunately, I have not managed in all these years to convince the public of my story. The media has reported in unspeakable ways about it and my integrity was questioned with the backing of doctors and experts. It is scandalous that the police and their criminal investigation unit have not even initiated an investigation into this matter. This means that the authorities were never able to come forth with any concrete evidence in this kidnapping case.
Please believe me!